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Support for Journeys Out of The Body 6 CD’s

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The out of body experience (OBE) is a state in which one’s consciousness appears to depart the physical body by means other than those of the physical senses. Hemi-Sync® Support for Journeys Out of the Body is an in-home training series that evokes heightened states with the support of Hemi-Sync® audio-guidance and helps listeners achieve the experience of the non physical. With practice, one can be brought up to the borderland sleep state, and through it, to experience the out-of-body state with full conscious awareness. Book: Journey’s Out of the BodyRead about Robert Monroe’s record of these explorations in places unbound by time or death has comforted millions of people who have experienced paranormal incidents. (1st in the Monroe Trilogy)  FREE! Sign Up to the The Gateway Experience Intro Letter.

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