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Sleepsonic Eyemask

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An Eyemask. What could be more ideal when you finally get comfortable with Hemi-Sync at Bedtime, than to enhance the listening experience? As your mind is bathed in gentle ocean surf sounds or distant seagulls of a Hemi-Sync Sleep CD, your situational awareness is re-focused into a state free of visual distractions. The Eyemask heightens your listening experience and helps bring you to slumber quickly since it reduces the amount of artificial light that may disrupt your normal sleep cycle. This eyemask is an affordable sleep enhancement accessory that can also travel with you to make your trips to foreign places more restful and pleasant. Eyemask Features: This specially designed eyemask is made from quality materials for comfort and durablility. Soft padding and carefully sewn construction permit eye movement without allowing any light to enter. Easy-to-use velcro strap firmly holds the blindfold without protruding or causing discomfort around the head. Simply relax and enjoy the deep darkness behind the eyemask while listening to your favorite Hemi-Sync CDs, or your own music. Color: Varies. Please indicate color preference. Cotton lining. Made in USA.

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Weight 0.2500 kg
Dimensions 8.0000 x 4.0000 cm


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