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Where The Earth Touches the Stars CD

Native American flutist, A. Brent Chase performs with celestial soundscapes musician Gerald Jay Markoe to create music that is grounded in the earth yet connected to the stars. This delightful composition evokes the magic and mystery of a starlit night … Continued

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Winds Over the World CD

Aboriginal flutes speak directly to the heart as you flow with this graceful expression of the spirit of life. This music’s evocative imagery supports relaxation, meditation, and creativity. This mystical composition, inspired by the primitive perception that breath means life, … Continued

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Wisdom in Essence

Tune in to your inner wisdom, your true essence, with a verbally guided Hemi-Sync exercise voiced by futurist Peter Russell. Russell has been promoting the need for a spiritual rebirth if we are to survive the hurricane of change that … Continued

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Wisdom of The Heart-MA098CN
Wisdom of the Heart

Based on his critically acclaimed series Ambiology, Grammy award winner Barry Goldstein has compiled the most conducive pieces for uniting the heart and mind. These pieces are all composed at a tempo that is consistent with the heart at a … Continued

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Your Heart’s Song

Embracing a new state of mind can also include parts of the physical body where we express compassion, understanding and radiate love, a place commonly termed as the “heart”. When you listen to Heart Song, Barry Goldstein offers some poignant … Continued

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Your Immortal Brain
Your Immortal Brain

In the series, Your Immortal Brain€ Dr. Dispenza examines several of the concepts addressed in the hit movie What the BLEEP do we know? Addressing the biology of change, spontaneous healing, and related topics in support of observer-based reality. Mr. … Continued

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による過去世(別の人生)探究 – Japanese

  別の人生について知ることで、現在の自分の人生はクリアになり、物の本質を見抜く力が得られます。それにより、障害を取り除き、知らなかった才能を見出し、新しい見方を育み幸福感が得られるのです。長年にわたり、前世退行のセッションと、タイムライン・セラピーを行ってきたリー・ストーンが、生まれ変わりの記憶を呼び起こす旅にあなたをお連れします。Hemi-Sync®の周 波数によって、時間と空間を超越し、リラックスして静寂の境地に至ります。そして意識を拡張し自 分の人生の目的に対する洞察を得ます

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