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Blossoming Lotus CDROM

The Creators of LightSource have put mystical symbology and motion into the alluring and soothing Blossoming Lotus CD-ROM. Use Blossoming Lotus with Hemi-Sync® for powerfully focused meditation, daily stress reduction and serene ambience, as joyful upliftment at ceremonies and gatherings, … Continued

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Blossoming Lotus DVD

Turn your DVD player into a meditational tool with Blossoming Lotus. From the creators of Lightsource, Blossoming Lotus with Hemi-Sync fuses soothing animation with twelve mandalas from Taoist, Buddist and Hindu traditions.

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Body Mind Spirit

The author of the classic books Altered States of Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychologies presents a selection of articles which provide scientific evidence for the existence of spiritual dimensions. There has long been a struggle between science and spirituality that has … Continued

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Brain: Support and Maintenance CD

With Brain Support and Maintenance audio guidance program from Hemi-Sync, you enhance the body’s natural ability to maintain optimal brain functioning, improve blood flow to the brain and normalize its chemical and electrical activity. Brain Support and Maintenance is perfect … Continued

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Breaking Free from Addictions

Unproductive habits often limit the range of options in your life. By increasing your acceptance of joy and making it more tangible, you actually come closer to repeating the greater experience of fulfillment. In this exercise Carolyn Ball, MA, LPC … Continued

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Breakthrough for Peak Performance

Sail through challenging mental tasks with the upbeat electronic music of Michael Maricle and Hemi-Sync. The fast-paced tempo and driving rythms of Maricles’s uplifting composition support faster beta Hemi-sync patterns designed for peak-performance, superlearning and creative flow. Enhance your mental … Continued

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Breath of Creation

The featured Huaca solo artist in this composition, Alan Tower and soothing Hemi-Sync blendings provide an evocative and memorable listening experience. Breath flowing through this clay instrument engenders sacred, spiritual moments. For over thousands of years flute instruments hve been … Continued

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Bridge to Paradise
Bridge to Paradise

Explore an otherworldly paradise in this guided Hemi-Sync heart-meditation voiced by Mark Macy. Using the developments of instrumental transcommunication (ITC) which reveals the communications with worlds of spirit via TV’s radios, telephones, computers and other technical devices, Mark Macy shares … Continued

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Bright Blue Eyemask

A comfortable, luxury class eyemask with a bright blue exterior shell. All of our eyemasks are made from natural cotton and are comfortable to wear. Eyemasks help sheild light from entering the eyelids so you can get better sleep. Since … Continued

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Brocade Quilt Speaker Pillow

Covered in a smooth luxurious Brocade Quilt pillow cover, The Sleepsonic Brocade Quilt Mini Pillow offers the sound delivery quality of Headphones in a comfortable alternative (Cushion Level: semi-firm). Buy The Sleepsonic Brocade Quilt Mini, now on sale at … Continued

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Buy The Numbers HP003C
Buy the Numbers CD

Here is a great Hemi-Sync CD that has been used by all kinds of business people in the financial industry, including, brokers, traders, analysts, and anyone needing sharpening in their ability to process mathematical information. Buy the Numbers helps you … Continued

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Cable Car Ride CD

Enjoy an infusion of cheerful energy as you awaken to joyful, uplifting rhythms and Hemi-Sync®. Start your day in a positive mood or lift your spirits anytime with this delightful experience of Cable Car Ride.  Many forms of teachings are … Continued

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