Hemi Sync for Sleep for Adults Kit

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Hemi-Sync for Sleep for Adults 4 CDs especially combined to be a well-rounded approach to enhancing sleep: Sleep – Learn to move quickly into normal, natural, unmedicated sleep. Use the simple method whenever needed to counteract insomnia, adjust to irregular schedules, overcome disruptions to your sleep cycle, and leave the day’s concerns behind.Soft and Still – Enjoy the power and solitude of the sea with sounds of ocean surf, subtle music and Hemi-Sync. Drift gently into mental and physical relaxation with the calming natural energy of the tides.Sound Sleeper- Divert your mind from the day’s concerns with guided relaxation on Side 1, while Hemi-Sync supports your gradual movement into deep, Delta sleep.Surf – Relax. Let your tensions ebb away with the soothing sounds of ocean surf and Hemi-Sync. Surf uses the gentle rhythms of nature to immerse you in feelings of tranquillity. The distant call of seagulls beckons you into progressively deeper states of relaxation until you are enveloped in a sense of inner peace and well-being.

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