Hemi Sync for ADD ADHD 4 CDs

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The Mozart Effect is the proven process of using Mozart’s music, or any beneficial music of high quality, for the purposes of creating an ordered mind. This process has also shown helpful as a non-medicated approach to enhancing brainwaves for those encumbered by ADD-ADHD. In addition to applying the Mozart Effect , many doctors and health care professionals have administered Hemi-Sync to elevate beta-harmonic sound patterns. In Barbara Bullard’s article MetaMusic: Opening the Learning Door, Anectodotal and clinical evidence points to this technology as a beneficial way to help to develop heightened mental awareness. Such an approach is welcome news since, as the article states, brain mapping research has indicated that those with ADD have difficulty maintaining the high levels of brain arousal associated with sustained alertness and focused attention. We’ve put together the following Hemi-Sync titles to help you create your own superlearning environment for your loved ones or pupils: Baroque Garden Einstein’s Dream Illumination Indigo for Quantum Focus Recommended Additional items: (6 CDs Concentration Remembrance Seasons at Robert’s Mountain Sleeping Through the Rain (for sleeping) Soft and Still (for sleeping) Surf (for sleeping)

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