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These six exercises in 3 CDs lay the foundation for easy entry into profoundly relaxed levels of consciousness. Hemi-Sync and gentle guidance support your introduction to mental tools that assist your explorations. You experience Focus 10, a state in which your mind remains alert and awake while your body, detached from physical sensory input, is calmly and comfortably at rest. Go to The Gateway Experience Complete Set Read a summary on Monroe Institute CDs and Programs. You learn to generate a high-energy state within and around you; to release self-imposed limits and fears; to use sleep as a natural gateway into other states of consciousness. Wave I ends with your creative experimentation using the processes learned thus far. (Verbal) Orientation – Introduction to Focus 3 Intro Focus 10 – establish the state of mind awake-body asleep. Advanced Focus 10 – expand perception and learn greater control of personal energy Release and Recharge – detach from old fears and negative emotions Exploration. Sleep – techniques for expanding and exploring while asleep. Focus 10 Free Flow – experiment with all tools learned in Wave I. Wave 1 Discovery comes in 3 CDs with user tips manual in CD sleeve.  FREE! Sign Up to the The Gateway Experience Intro Letter.  

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