Gateway Experience and Sleepsonic Kit

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The Gateway Experience Set is an Audio Guidance Tool for exploring expanded states of awareness and uses proven techniques and patented audio technology to help you arrive and visit new places in your conscious awareness. The exploration is about the journey of discovery, adventure and exploration – areas in consciousness many of us never take time to undertake whether physically or non-physically. The Gateway Experience program facilitates the deliberate regimen set forth by Monroe Institute founder and famed Out of Body explorer Robert Monroe. The audio program along with the methods introduced puts you in the mental space required for optimal self-administered application of conscious training. The aims of the program are to help you accomplish memorable experiences in non physical realities. Learn more about the Gateway Experience Set Here. The Sleepsonic Sound Delivery System (SS-150 Organic Sherpa) uses digital stereo Headphones-In-a-PillowTM  to comfortably help the Gateway Experience Traveler get to their destinations with greater efficiency and fewer distractions. Each is sold separately or available bundled together in this special discount offer for a limited time.

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Dimensions 20.0000 x 15.0000 cm


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