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Sale! Enchanted Forest-MA106
Enchanted Forest

When listening to nature sounds we awaken senses that are nourished by the right stimulus. Since many parts of the human experience lay dormant because of busy modern surroundings, here is an easy way to prep for excursions out of … Continued

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Sale! Partners Meditation - HS005CN
Partners Meditation

Welcome a more harmonious perspective of your life partner with this verbally guided Hemi-Sync® exercise. The cherished individuals who are so important and central in our lives also serve as our teachers, guides and our support system. This exercise, created … Continued

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Sale! Inner-Healer-MF067
Inner Healer

Let go of emotions that distract you from living a more healthy life experience. Firmly acknowledge your own self-healing power and regain control by embracing a higher level of emotional and physical health. With the aid of Hemi-Sync® audio frequencies, … Continued

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Sale! Breaking-Free-from-Addictions
Breaking Free from Addictions

Unproductive habits often limit the range of options in your life. By increasing your acceptance of joy and making it more tangible, you actually come closer to repeating the greater experience of fulfillment. In this exercise Carolyn Ball, MA, LPC … Continued

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Sale! Sleepsonic Mini Pillow and Gateway Experience Set
Gateway Experience and Sleepsonic Kit

The Gateway Experience Set is an Audio Guidance Tool for exploring expanded states of awareness and uses proven techniques and patented audio technology to help you arrive and visit new places in your conscious awareness. The exploration is about the … Continued

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Sale! Hemi-Sync / Sleepsonic Out of Body Kit
Gateway Experience Out of Body Kit

Getting the complete Gateway Experience Set, a world renowned set of audio therapy exercises designed for consciousness training and out of body “journeys” just got a lot more interesting because these personal exploration tools are enhanced by the unique, yet … Continued

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Sale! Creating-Success-MF064CN
Creating Success

Two verbally guided MindFood exercises propel you into a future forward way of making things happen. Develop a mindset that opens doors and enables you to be more assertive with your dreams. With Defining and Believing in Your Success, Carolyn … Continued

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Sale! Cancer Support Series-MF049CN
Cancer Support Series

The process of dealing with daily treatments, medications and inactivity due to cancer can really challenge the mental outlook of a cancer patient. With Cancer Support Series, Hemi-Sync has assemble CD 3 titles specific to the experience of cancer treatment … Continued

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Sale! Exploring our future - MF065CN
Guided Meditation with Exploring Our Future & Eyemask

Get comfortable and zoned-in with the exclusive natural organic sherpa eyemask by Sleepsonic and 2 select Hemi-Sync titles for Meditation: Exploring Our Future and Beyond the Golden Light.

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Exploring our future - MF065CN
Exploring Our Future with Hemi-Sync®

A wonderful guided visualization process in which Lee Stone leads you into states of relaxation as the Hemi-Sync® signals assist you in moving into heightened states of consciousness, allowing you to explore the world in the selected year of your … Continued

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Chakra Journey DVD

Combining visual meditation with the best selling Metamusic® title by ThunderBeat. Pictures of stunning sunsets, waterfalls, dolphins, jungles, auroras, crop circles, and sacred sites are blended with the music so that a supporting visual compliments the beautiful music.  Great for … Continued

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Connecting with Your Inner Guides
Connecting with Your Inner Guides

Connecting With Your Inner Guides (contains verbal guidance) Create a reunion and lasting communication with your personal inner guides. Lee Stone uses guided imagery along with Hemi-Sync to facilitate this process, helping you to consciously connect and interact with those … Continued

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Access to Energy - HP062CN
Access to Energy CD

Explore and experience the vast reserve of energy deep within you, and learn to access that energy anytime you wish. Use Access to Energy to increase strength, agility, alertness, stamina, or to simply feel vigorous all over, and enjoy increased … Continued

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Sale! Access to Information
Access to Information CD

Enhance your ability to access your own personal library of information and knowledge. Bring wisdom, teachings, events, life experiences, or any other information you wish to retrieve into your waking conscious memory at any moment you desire. Use Access to … Continued

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Angel Paradise MA064CN
Angel Paradise CD

Experience the vivid, celestial sounds played by Erik Berglund mixed with Hemi-Sync. His angelic compositions have earned recognition for their healing and transformational effects on listeners mixed with Hemi-Sync are able to produce the ideal listening environments for massage, … Continued

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Angels, Fairies and Wizards: A Magical Healing for Children CD

In this enchanting story for young children, the Guardian Angel introduces the Fairy Ikier (for girls) and the Wizard Ikier (for boys) who can teach them how to participate in their own healing process. Using guided imagery, children can learn … Continued

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Apoyo Immunologico-HP015CNS
Apoyo Immunologico (Immunizing)

Estimula la conexian entre tu mente y tu cuerpo para mejorar tu sistema inmunologico y reforzar la capacidad de tu cuerpo para defenderse contra los organismos nocivos. Usa la grabacian para recuperar o mantener una condician fasica saludable y normal.

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Ascension CD

Move beyond the boundaries of three-dimensional reality with the transcendent electronic music of J.S. Epperson and Hemi-Sync. Epperson’s inspired music of the spheres composition is an interwoven and motion-filled tapestry of musical serenity knitted with mindful expansion. Access a state … Continued

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Attention CD

Sharply focus the mind and senses on a particular thought, action or event. Enhance any performance requiring concentration such as reading, writing, typing or studying. Increase productivity and improve information retention and recall. (60 min.)

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Baroque Garden CD

Enjoy the timeless classical music of  Bach, Vivaldi, Corelli and Albinoni performed by the Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble – combined with Hemi-Sync® concentration frequencies.  Make mental tasks easier and more efficient by delighting in music that stood the test of time. … Continued

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Sale! Bellysonic - BSN-100

An innovative stereo sound delivery system for that special moment between mother and her baby in-utero… Bellysonic is made of 100% flannel cotton. The pouch comes with mini-digital stereo speakers that are spaced to deliver stereo sound optimally to the womb, … Continued

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Beneath The Moon-MA081CN-2
Beneath The Moon with Hemi-Sync

Explore the mystical realm between sunset and sunrise as the enchanting and emotive music of Deborah Martin and Hemi-Sync® lead you on a profound inner journey. As you move through these higher dimensions, your consciousness soars beyond the stars to … Continued

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Sale! Between Worlds MA053CN
Between Worlds CD

Listening to Between Worlds evokes dreamlike sensations from a shamanic landscape. The captivating shamanic music of Don Peyote and Naasko is combined with Hemi-Sync® to guide your inner journey. Sounds from the rain forest contribute to the surreal, organic ambience. … Continued

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Beyond The Golden Light MA089CN
Beyond the Golden Light with Hemi-Sync

The Golden Light is often referred as a place that can sooth or nuture a meditator or conscious traveler of dream states. It is also representative of an energy state. In this music piece, brain harmonizing Hemi-Sync frequencies help to … Continued

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