Omniscient, Omnipotent and Personal

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Dr. Eben Alexander Visiting East West Bookshop of Seattle
Meet Dr. Eben Alexander at East West Bookshop in Seattle, WA, June 14-15.

…And loving us without conditions. When powerful events force a neurosurgeon to experience a reality that is greater than his own status-quo self, this is a chance to learn more about a greater spiritual aspect within each and every one of us.

In his book, Proof of Heaven, Dr. Eben Alexander begins by describing the contrast between his highly objective, seemingly non-spiritual scientific training as a neurosurgeon who received medical qualifications from some of the top institutions in modern medicine, and an event that flung this highly respected professional into near death, unable to move, utterly helpless.

What Dr. Eben Alexander was able to experience when he unexpectedly became infected with meningitis and was rushed to the hospital, on November 10, 2008, at age 54, he soon learned was to change his life.

After contemplation and time to reflect with family members on what happened, Dr, Eben Alexander realized that it didn’t require the extreme event of death or near death to re-visit that elevated state of consciousness he experienced. To him the place he visited gives us proof of an “omniscient, omnipotent and personal place” – a grounded and tangible spiritual state of consciousness that all humans have access to.

Later in the book Dr. Alexander describes Hemi-Sync as an ideal self administered tool that helps to trigger the state of being in a non-physical “out of body” consciousness.

On page 158 in his Book Proof of Heaven, Dr. Alexander says:

“Hemi-Sync can heighten selective awareness and performance through creation of a relaxed state. Hemi-Sync offers much more than this, however-enhanced states of consciousness allow access to alternate perceptual modes, including deep meditation and mystical states.Hemi-Sync involves the physics of resonant entrainment of brain waves, theirĀ  relationship to the perceptual and behavioral psychology of consciousness, and to the fundamental physiology of the brain-mind and consciousness.

Proof of HeavenAbout the Book, Proof of Heaven

Dr. Alexander’s Proof of Heaven takes us through a journey of well written recollections, where he alternates his focus between the physical world we all take for granted and the spiritual world, a world of omniscient potential. All the while, Dr. Alexander is noting with deep transcendental insight the knowledge of the science that cared for his recovery and the unanswered questions about his supernatural experience.

We give the book 5 stars! See Book Details

Dr. Alexander’s journey continues as he lives fully recovered in health to tell the world about a place that the medical establishment and science still has trouble integrating into their physical models of the universe.

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