Developing relationships with educators, parents, doctors, nurses, and war veterans since the internet site,, was launched in year 2000,  the site aims to serve visitors seeking help for a variety of applications. Our over 11 years experience show sound therapy and audio technology are proven effective when used alone or combined with other supportive holistic therapies.

When applying sound therapies within a paradigm of healthcare dominated by a structured healthcare system many individuals are empowered to practice therapies and techniques to avoid over dependence on expensive visits to doctors. While medicines are still widely needed, both practitioners and consumers seek additional help from natural approaches such as sound therapy and brain entrainment for preventative and therapeutic applications.

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Also, is a place where people can find information and leave feedback about specific products so that others may benefit from their input. online store:

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This blog originated as a Discovery Tools and Workshops project. Discovery Tools and Workshops is  a privately owned online business registered in the state of Washington, an authorized reseller of Hemi-Sync audio products.

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Our Promise to You

To provide relevant and up-to-date information about sleep related health issues and to provide various sound therapy tools to help you with these issues. Some of this help will be tips on how to improve your sleep habits and some of this help will be in the form of product recommendations. Some of these products we sell ourselves and some may be products that we have affiliate relationships with.

None of these products will be pharmaceutical or drug products. We believe that nature and sounds provide compatible and viable solutions for issues such as relaxation and sleep, learning, learning disabilities, peak performance, healing, surgery, behavior modifications, changing habits, setting goals, physical and mental exercises, fitness and sports, meditation and spirituality,  to name a few.

Our goal is to give you:

* The best  information we can to help support your effort to resolve sleep issues, and related health issues.
* Sources for non-drug solutions to these problems.
* A website for people struggling with sleep issues who need solutions.
* A fast responsiveness to inquiries and comments

The Products We endorse:

We endorse several products that we stand behind 100%. We have personally selected the Hemi-Sync products based on our evaluation of their effectiveness.

Confidence in Every Transaction

Every order placed is secure. We insure that all of your transactions will be handled quickly and responsibly.

Your Personal Information Is Safe

All of your information will remain secure and safe with us. None of your information will be sold or given to any third parties. We avoid and dislike SPAM as much as you do!